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3 min readJul 14, 2021


Series of the Sneak Peek of Up-coming VSYS 3 Projects #1

Bridging the physical and digital world has always been our passion, we are helping our clients to transform innovative ideas into real-life projects while bridging the physical and digital world.. We have the knowledge base and technical capabilities to tailor designs fit for any community and real-world project who wants to bring their innovations into the digital world.

Using V Systems blockchain and smart contract technology, we took our partners’ ideas and projected them into reality.

The Monozyg

Monozyg — Create digital twins

NFTs have sent the art world into a frenzy, it represents a big leap towards the perfect combination of art, finance, and blockchain technology and is likely the most prevalent real-work use case of blockchain technology to this day.

Monozyg is a physical art-backed NFT social network built on V Systems blockchain platform. It brings people together through their shared love for art and expression, and to find out who owns which collectible across visual art, streetwear, and much much more in the digital world.

“Monozyg” is derived from “Monozygote”, it means one of two or more individuals derived from a single egg (ovum). This echoes with the digital twin of each physical collectible that underlies users’ collection to signal the uniqueness, guarantees the authenticity, and the item’s title history. This unique concept also bears the same philosophy and the essence of NFT technology.

V Systems NFT Technology

NFTs represent a big leap towards the perfect combination of art and technology. It is indivisible, irreplaceable, liquid, and immutable. The ownership of each NFT minted on Monozyg is permanently recorded in the blockchain unless the user decides to transfer it to another user.

The V Systems blockchain provides a coordination layer for digital assets, giving users ownership and management rights. Our NFT technology adds unique attributes to the digital ownership backed by the physical art pieces and changes the relationship between owners and creators of these assets.

Creating an NFT gives a neat way of proving the ownership of some unique asset. For example, a token is created to represent an art piece on the Monozyg platform, this token can then be sent from wallet to wallet, representing a trade between a creator and a collector, or between collectors.

Aiming to bring art lovers and creators into the digital world, V Systems empowers Monozyg to help creators to combat fake copies and imitations of their work, and spur Hong Kong-based artists to experiment beyond the confines of urban spaces, into the unlimited digital world.

Monozyg will be launched very soon during the second half of 2021. Stay tuned to witness how V Systems helps to bridge financial industries and artists between the Physical World and the Virtual Digital World!

We will continue talking about the Upcoming VSYS 3 Projects, including GoldZip, etc. Stay tuned.



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