Introducing Token V2 and NFT V2 (Whitelist and Blacklist version)

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3 min readNov 24, 2021


Unlike cryptocurrencies, asset-backed tokens usually have restrictions on token utilization.

  • Some utilization scenarios of asset-backed tokens, such as gold-backed tokens, often have requirements that need control over who is allowed to utilize tokens, in order to stop malicious users from financial gain.
  • Art or collectibles backed tokens often need to reserve some exclusive tokens for a small community.
  • In some cases, the real world identity of a receiver must be resolved before a transfer to maintain up-to-date stakeholder information

For all of these problems the solution is to “whitelist” or “blacklist” token receivers, or stakeholders beforehand.

Introduce Token V2 (whitelist and blacklist version)

Token V2 is a new type of token contract that allows token creators to create either a blacklist or a whitelist contract. The blacklist contract allows everyone to utilize the tokens as long as they are not on the blacklist, while the whitelist contract does not allow anyone except those on the whitelist to utilize the tokens.

The main purpose of these types of tokens is to have more control over who is allowed to utilize tokens, either to stop malicious users from financial gain (in the case of GoldZIP, a V Systems empowered gold-backed token), or to have more exclusive tokens for a small community (in the case of Monozyg, a V Systems empowered physical art-backed NFT).

NFT V2 (whitelist and blacklist version)

NFT V2 bears adds as Token V2 to vsys NFTs.ith

The current release enhances the interaction between tokens, and payment related contracts.

  • Transactions between tokens within a blockchain (V Swap, V Stable Swap)
  • Transactions between tokens across different blockchains (V Atomic Swap)
  • Over-the -counter (OTC) solutions (V Atomic Swap, V Stable Swap)
  • Financial derivatives (V Option,V (Stable) Swap).

Use cases


Goldzip uses all of the features found in the document.. Notably, Goldzip has asked for support for blacklisted addresses which can be forbidden from transacting with Goldzip tokens. These features helped gold zip to earn regulatory approval. Easy to use, robust token contract which allows for blacklisting makes the job easy for CGSE to issue a regulated gold-pegged token. This is an example of an enterprise software integration directly leveraging the V systems no code contract suite.


V Systems provides a coordination layer for digital assets, giving users ownership and management rights. Our NFT technology adds unique attributes to the digital ownership backed by the physical art pieces, and changes the relationship between owners and creators of these assets.

The waitlist feature can be used to gate a certain art collection off to a community of enthusiasts, enhancing it’s exclusivity and long term appeal.

Creating a NFT with whitelist features gives a neat way of proving the ownership of some unique asset. For example, a token is created to represent an art piece on the Monozyg platform, and reserve exclusivity for fans and collectors in a small community.



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