Monthly Digest — December 2020

  • The VSwap contract which serves as a method to allow “Automated Market Making”is undergoing the preliminary testing stage.
  • The VOption contract that allows users to buy and sell options for of cryptocurrency assets is currently being developed, and the designs are under review.
  • V Cloud is developing sharing Postgresql modules and service provider SDKs related template parsing modules.
  • V web wallet v0.2.7 will be released soon, which will include NFT-related functions, including adding, sending, and querying NFTs. V Wallet Extension is now available on Google Chrome Web Store.
  • The OCT token is a cross-chain token supported by both the V Systems and Ethereum blockchain. Its ERC-20 token is now available for trading on Uniswap.
  • IPX Wallet staking which enables all participants to join IPX staking on Tachyon VPN platform will be released soon.
  1. Development
OCT is now available on Uniswap
IPX Wallet Staking

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