News for Meetup on Japan & Korea

The news broke out in Korea and Japan. The emergence of the VEE TECH BLOCKCHAIN 5.0 launch brought the developers and other people in the field curiosity. There are three reasons that caught people’s interests:

  • ​No​ blockchain until now was called version 5;
  • No blockchain until now was databased or able to fix;
  • Neverthless, the name of the mysterious figure, Mr. Sunny King.

On January 23, 2018, at Le Meridien, Seoul, Korea, in spite of the coldest weather warning from the Korean government and -17° Celsius, many still came to attend the VEE TECH BLOCKCHAIN 5.0 meetup. Most of the participants were the developers and exchanges who attended the meet-up. Bithumb and Coinnest, the two top and well-known exchanges, also came to support the event. After our main speaker, Rob Zhang, finished his presentation, audiences asked many sophisticated questions. Kyong-yul Choi, one of the attendee, said after the event, “I have attended many blockchain meetings, but I have never seen a product like this! With datatbased blockchain 5.0, editing the data became possible, and this is definitely a revolution!”

Following up, on January 26, another meet-up was hold in Tokyo, Japan. After the Seoul meet-up, since the distance is close between Seoul and Tokyo, the news spread out massively in an excessive speed. A long line of people was formed from the outdoor, and people patiently awaited and checked in. The room was packed with people that some people had to stand at the back even after adding more chairs. The start of the presentation was led by a beautiful lady named Kate Shan from Boston, USA. Kate Shan introduced the history of the bitcoin and the problems of the bitcoin, and how Sunny King and King’s team created POS consensus to resolve the problem. Kate’s brilliant explanations of the process of the appearance of the POS made the audience again to spotlight Primecoin and Peercoin as the works of the Sunny King. Following was the VEE TECH Blockchain 5.0 introduction from our Chief Executive Director Rob Zhang. The event ended very successfully and has ranked the most number of attendees amongst the VEE meet-ups so far.

The next day, January 27, VEE team were invited to Tokyo University. Most of the participants were students and professors. The order of the presentation and agenda was similar from the previous day with the same speakers. Yet, the atmosphere was different. It was more of discussion time and mutual interchange between the students and the speakers in an academic point of view. Surprisingly, all the members of VEE team were highly educated — above master degrees and some were professors. Some basic questions were asked from the students who first encountered the blockchain and cryptocurrency field. For example, one of the female student from the audience asked whether there is a real value to the virtual coins such as bitcoins. On the other hand, some high level questions were also asked from some, especially from the professors in Tokyo University.

Through the sophisticated questions asked from the audience, it was easy to understand that VEE TECH BLOCKCHAIN 5.0 was designed in developers’ point of view and for developers — helping the developers to develop a new program easily within two ways:

  • With various consensus algorithm support of the VEE TECH BLOCKCHAIN 5.0, a developer can choose the consensus that suits their commercial application the best, either pow, pos, or some new alternative better ways.
  • Databased blockchain enables developers to not only save the data but also edit them in the blockchain.

Of course, more advantages and services are rendered. The meet-up that was held in Korea and Japan gave a strong beliefs to the developers and others in the field on the easy usage of the VEE TECH BLOCKCHAIN 5.0 and its hold of the future that will bring up to enhance.



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A blockchain platform that supports the efficient and agile development of decentralized applications. Visit our website at