V Systems 3 the Riemann Smart Contracts Activated

The Riemann Smart Contracts

  • V Atomic swap: allows cryptocurrency owners to exchange coins in a peer-to-peer network, which can occur either on the main blockchain or off-chain, and aims to eliminate the need for intermediaries and counterparty risk.
  • V Swap: the AMM smart contract, provides a decentralized method of swapping between cryptocurrencies, earning yields, and providing liquidity without having to go through an exchange.
  • V Option: allows users to generate options for tokens on the VSYS blockchain. The options themselves are also tokens that can be freely traded.
  • V Stable Swap: replicates the traditional order book method of handling trades. It supports the exchange of assets on both sides. For some pairs (like option exchange) whose price will change rapidly, V Stable Swap also protects the user to sell and buy the asset at a fair price.
  • V Escrow: allows a third party to facilitate transactions between two parties.
  • Token Contract V2: allows token creators to create either a blacklist or a whitelist contract. The blacklist contract allows everyone to utilize the tokens as long as they are not on the blacklist, while the whitelist contract does not allow anyone except those on the whitelist to utilize the tokens.
  • NFT Contract V2: bears the same functionalities (blacklist/whitelist) as Token V2 except with non-fungible tokens.

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